Colour with Asian Paints – Wall Paint & Design App v Premium Version APK

Colour with Asian Paints – Wall Paint & Design App v Premium Version APK

Details about Colour with Asian Paints - Wall Paint & Design App

App Name Colour with Asian Paints - Wall Paint & Design App v
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What is Colour with Asian Paints - Wall Paint & Design App app?

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App Description

Reimagining your home is fun and easy with the ‘Colour with Asian Paints’ colour visualizer & wall painting app. Try out our entire range of wall colours, wall textures & wallpaper designs at the click of a button. Simply take a photo of the plain wall you want to paint, after which our extensive range of wall colour combinations are open for your picking. You can also choose a layout from the gallery to sample our wall colours and textures onto it. Now with just few clicks, you can re-envision your home or your room colour with different house painting ideas using this app.

Here’s what you can do with the Colour with Asian Paints app:

• Colour Catalogue

Choose from a variety of wall paint colours & design textures that help you reimagine your home into one you’ve only dreamt of. Select wall colours & wall stencils of your choice and try out different room colour combination ideas to create strikingly stylish home interior decor.

Textured wall paint designs are also a great option to decorate your wall. By visualizing different wall paint designs, you’re inspired with new home painting design ideas that will help you create new home décor looks that match your persona completely.

You can also check how the textured wallpaper finish will look and then decide on the best wall paint colour to go for.

• Find a Wall that Stands Out

An accent wall is one painted in a different colour from the other walls of the room. It is an easy and effective way to not only liven up the space, but also (depending on the wall colour you choose) to trick the eye into seeing the room at a different size than what it really is. The Colour with Asian Paints app takes into consideration the room’s exposure, along with basic colour theory, so that you can exactly choose the right wall paint colours for highlighting the accent wall, and the best wall colour to paint it in. You can select different wall colour combinations or texture paint designs for the accent wall of every room in the house by selecting exclusive interior wall paint colours for living room, bedroom, hall, kid’s room etc. and in turn upgrade your interior décor design style.

• Imagine Colour for Every Wall

Selecting the right wall paint colour combination scheme for all the rooms in your house, and creating a complete harmony of room colors in the house has always been a complicated and tasking affair. The Colour with Asian Paints app now, helps you cut to the chase in a fun and simple manner, without even leaving the comforts of your home. The wall painting app lets you imagine different interior wall paint colour combinations for the living room, bedrooms, hall, kid’s room etc. and help you create your dream house.

• DIY Home Interior decor ideas

Add a touch of individuality to your room by taking on easy DIY home interior décor projects to personalize your space even further. With the Colour with Asian Paints app, you can handpick interesting wall paint designs and different wall colour combinations to create your own home décor matrix that is completely reflective of you. The app makes it even simpler to visualize and even more convenient to explore different looks for your home interiors.

• Saving the best for the last:

Click a picture of your home, office, studio or any other interior room space, one you want to visualize different house paint colors onto. Explore & change the paint colours on walls, try various colour combinations & texture wall paint designs and different interior décor design styles. You can also save the different looks created and share the images with your family & friends!

Now choosing home colours for your walls is a fun, collaborative and an easy process, thanks to the Colour with Asian Paints app.

Happy Designing!


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